Are Car Accident Insurance Settlements Taxable?

As a general rule, all payments received from your car insurance company after a claim are not taxable. You won’t have to pay any tax for the money received as compensation for the damages you or your vehicle suffered. You will not have to report on your tax the money car insurance companies pay out on claims. Naturally, not everything is black and white in this matter. IRS may sometimes consider these payments as taxable.

Compensations for Medical Expenses are Non-Taxable

The money you receive as compensation after an accident and intended for medical expenses will generally be exempt from paying taxes. According to the IRS, there is an exception to this rule, and it is: “If after an accident you receive compensation for physical illness or personal physical injury when you file your tax return, you must include it, according to the corresponding time. What you pay for medical expenses for each year must be allocated proportionally, as appropriate”.

Usually, For Pain and Suffering Car Insurance Settlements You Don’t Have to Pay Taxes

The question of taxes when there is an agreement for pain and suffering varies depending on the case:

  • You will NOT pay taxes if your pain and suffering compensation is by a physical injury.
  • You will pay taxes if your pain and suffering compensation is for emotional distress.
  • You will have to pay taxes if your pain and suffering compensation is for being involved in a severe accident, and you are now afraid to drive or even travel in a car.

For example, if after a car accident you became partially blind and cannot drive anymore, your pain and suffering compensation will NOT be taxable.

Your Taxes May Be Reduced with Certain Structured Auto Insurance Settlements

It is counterproductive when it comes to tax issues, receiving considerable compensation at once. That is why a structured auto insurance settlement seems to be an excellent option in some cases. In this way, you can distribute the income received as compensation in several years and thus reduce your taxes. Thus, after paying all your taxes, you will be left with a greater amount of money, even if your compensation is the same.

It is wise to hire a lawyer or accountant to help you with these tax payment issues and agreements with your car insurer so as not to lose so much money.

Is a Non-cancellable Insurance Policy Useful?

An insurance policy where the insurance provider is prohibited from canceling the coverage given by the insurance policy in question while the policyholder keeps making payments on that policy is known as a non-cancellable insurance policy. Generally, these types of policies are used in cases where the insurance policy covers a disability, life or health. Therefore, the policyholder can be sure that the insurance provider will guarantee ongoing coverage when covered by the noncancellable policy. This will happen even when the insured could develop a condition that might raise the risk involved for the insurance company to pay out claims or even when the policy assures that the insurance provider must make a payment of a benefit.

These non-cancelable policies guard the insured against ending up being without insurance coverage in case he or she develops conditions that might need expensive long-term care, medical treatment, or physical therapy.

What Could A Non-Cancellable Insurance Policy Offer to You?

Suppose you find yourself in an ongoing situation where you need health care or financial assistance provided by your policy. If it is a noncancelable policy, then you should have some peace of mind because your disability, health, or life insurance would pay out benefits as they were specified in your contract.

 A non-cancellable insurance policy is frequently more expensive than a standard insurance policy. The premiums commonly reflect the high risk involved for the insurer as they must pay out a lot of money for your care, and they don’t have the possibility of getting this money back by a further rise of your premiums.

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