Why Extended Warranties Can Save You Money

Whether you purchase a new car or a pre-owned vehicle, an extended warranty ensures that you can get repairs made without undue financial distress. By purchasing extended cover, you can avail yourself of a number of benefits. Warranties cover the cost of most auto repairs as well as replacement parts for your vehicle. So, this is not a purchase that you want to forego as an extended warranty protects you for 100% of the cost of some repairs.

Towing Your Vehicle: What Is Covered

Whilst it would be nice if you could avoid a breakdown altogether, it is not realistic. If you want to keep things as normal as possible, then you need to take advantage of extended warranty protection. For example, most extended warranties on second hand cars at Warranty and Insurance make it possible for your to hire a rental vehicle for as long as five days at a cost of $70 per day or less. You can also use the warranty if you need to have your car towed and you are left stranded. This particular benefit provides up to $150 to have your car or truck taken to a safe location or authorised service site.

Payment of Locksmith Services

Another benefit that is available to you if you buy Nissan new extended car warranty at Warranty and Insurance is the payment of locksmith services. So, if you have left your keys inside your car, you do not have to panic as a warranty will protect you for as much as $100 for the services. If you have ever accidentally locked your keys in your car, you know the value of this type of benefit.

A Noted Extra: Emergency Accommodation

Should your vehicle break down a far distance from home, a new car extended warranty can also help you out of this type of situation. If the breakdown happens over 200 kilometres from home and the repair cannot be made before 24 hours, an extended warranty can supply an emergency accommodation for as much as $100 per day for up to five days. However, an emergency accommodation can only be included if you pay extra on the policy.

Whether you need an extended warranty for a new car or used car, you are making a wise choice when selecting this type of protection. You should never be left stranded anywhere or face some of the challenges that are associated with an unexpected repair. Obtain cover today after reviewing your warranty options.

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