Some Factors to Consider before Buying Tire Changer or Balancer

Purchasing a new piece of equipment is a daunting task at the best of times. Paying heed to each salesperson who explains why this product or service is better than the others, just leaves you more confused. Here are some ideas to consider when buying tire changer and balancer. Tire Changers 1.      Size of the turntable Inspect the external rim gripping diameter capacity of the tire changer. The machine brochure will also list the internal gripping capacity, but the large alloy rims must be gripped from the external not the…

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Who is eligible for a motability vehicle?

There is much talk these days about motability vehicles, what they are, how they can be acquired and who can get them. For anyone looking to get a Motability vehicle, the first step is understanding what they are exactly. A motability vehicle is a vehicle that is given to a disabled person in exchange for their monetary government benefits on account of their disability. However, not every disabled person is eligible for a motability car and eligibility itself is determined by a number of factors and only applies to certain…

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