Are Car Accident Insurance Settlements Taxable?

As a general rule, all payments received from your car insurance company after a claim are not taxable. You won’t have to pay any tax for the money received as compensation for the damages you or your vehicle suffered. You will not have to report on your tax the money car insurance companies pay out on claims. Naturally, not everything is black and white in this matter. IRS may sometimes consider these payments as taxable. Compensations for Medical Expenses are Non-Taxable The money you receive as compensation after an accident…

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Tips to Find Motorcycle Dealer Quickly

If you are looking for tips to find motorcycle dealer in your area, then read this. You will discover some useful advice and tips which can help you locate a Harley Davidson dealer in your area. Most people who love bikes will probably know someone else who also loves them and they will ask their friends where they can find such a dealer. They may even go to the local Harley Davidson showroom to try and find motos Harley Davidson sherbrooke. However, these options are limited and will not guarantee…

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