2017 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport Review and Price


During the initial stages, the company suffered a lot with new models. However, with the release of Nissan Skyline G35, the fame restored. Now with new zeal, the factory owners will be launching a car with their name. New Q60 Coupe is assumed to be released late this year. As per the rumors, Q60 is prettiest Infiniti across the globe. As the ancestor of Q60; Q50 has excellent drivetrains so the engineers focused on styling the new model rather than changing the engine position or drive train.


Infiniti Q60 has outstanding features. These include a drag coefficient of mere 0.28 which is quite astonishing. The Hoods and mirrors are redesigned to reduce air friction. While some features are added to the front grille for cooling when the engine gets hotter. The car is guided with some gadgets to manage the driving mode. About 50% of power can be delivered by front wheels when needed while in normal conditions all the power is provided by rear wheels.



The engine is the most concerned component of Infiniti Q60 as it has some options available as per the customer priority. It comes with a massive 3.0-liter V-6 twin turbo engine producing a power of 400 ponies at rpm of 6400. There is a little brother option available that produce a torque of 300 Hp at same rpm. Regardless of engine power is routed using a seven-speed automatic transmission.


The mileage depends on the engine you want to install in your Infiniti Q60. However, as a vague guess, it can cover about 24 mpg with a window of 2mpg for each engine.


Infiniti Q60 will be launched later this year. The introductory price for base version is 39,855 dollars. The price may vary depending upon the drive trains and other gadgets installed.

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