A Detailed Review of the 2016 BMW 535i

On our vacation last year, we rented a 2016 BMW 535i in Edmonton, Ontario. A friend of ours really loves his, so we decided to find out why.

From the outside, the 535i looks gorgeous. BMW carried the aesthetic updates introduced in 2014 over to 2016. They include new contours around the grille, an added lower front air intake area, more stylish tail lights, and Xenon adaptive headlights that are standard on all 5 Series models. My wife gets looks all the time, but this was a new experience for me. The Cashmere Silver model we drove stood out and turned a few heads for sure. It looked both sporty and expensive at the same time.

From a driver’s perspective, it felt very comfortable and quick. The six cylinder 300-hp 3.0 liter turbo engine got us on the highway with ease. Steering felt very precise for a vehicle this size. The 8-speed automatic transmission changed gears seamlessly. My wife hates driving, but found it a pleasure in the 535i. The gas mileage was pretty good too. BMW brags of 29 mpg highway, but I think we actually did better. We drove around the entire vacation on one tank of gas.

BMW didn’t hold back on the inside either. We never got to use the heated seats or steering wheel, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t notice. The Sirius satellite radio sounded amazing over the Harman Kardon sound system.  Along with enhanced USB and Bluetooth, the interior had leather upholstery, premium carpet, a power moon roof, a backup camera, automatic climate control,  and one of my favorites, push button start. The built-in navigation worked flawlessly. We had a bit of a laugh when it started to drizzle outside and the rain-sensing windshield wipers kicked in.  We also found the cabin extremely roomy and quiet.

All this seemed like it would be out of our reach financially, but that wasn’t the case. Within a week of arriving home, we sat down with a BMW salesman. He showed us several purchase or lease options that easily fit our budget. We decided to lease so that we could enjoy the pleasure of getting a brand new BMW again in two years.

After driving around a 2016 BMW 535i in Edmonton for a week last summer, we definitely know why our friend loves his car so much.  My wife and I both had a really good time on this vacation and felt like the 535i played a big part in that. So now we’re proud BMW owners, and even I (okay, I know it’s the car) get a look sometimes.

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