Have a Look at The Benefits of a Cast Iron Convertible Jet Pump

So you are looking for a powerful water pump. That’s great! But you may be wondering what kind of pump you need and what type of pump would serve you best. We are to show you why a cast iron convertible jet pump may be just what you require.

Come along with us as we show you what this type of pump can do, what sort of applications it is suitable for, and the big bonuses of having a cast iron pump.

What is a convertible jet pump?

You may have heard of shallow well jet pumps or simply just jet pumps in general. These are known as the lesser-powered version of what this article is all about. Whilst a normal or standard jet pump can usually pump up to an elevation of about 25 feet high, a convertible jet pump can pump 70ft high and above.

This of course depends on the make and model and many of the features included will also vary. However, what you need to know about this type of system is that it pulls the water up instead of pushing it which is a much more effective water distribution system for getting up higher.

When should you use a convertible jet pump?

The uses of a convertible jet pump match those of a shallow well jet pump and more. If you need to bring a water source up to your residence from a lower elevation or a well, then a convertible jet pump may be just what you need.

However, the opportunities don’t stop there. You can also utilize this type of water pumping system for irrigation and pull water up from local sources such as rivers, streams, lakes, etc.

The advantages of a cast iron pump

Whilst stainless steel is known for its resistance to corrosion, cast iron is famed for its fantastic heat dissipation. Why is this important? Well, it means that you do not have to worry as much about extended use, and instead, you can trust this heavy-duty iron pump to be able to function for longer under long periods of use.

It can also be a safer option for places where heat could be dangerous and it quickly acquires a protective graphite layer for its long-term lifespan. Overall, though cast iron is easy to fabricate, it is definitely one of the best materials for water pumps but its benefits are very situational and will vary depending on where it is placed and how you use it.

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