How to Check Condition of Used Scooters in Bangalore: Complete Checklist

If you are a localite of Bangalore or have joined a new job in the city, and are in search of pre-owned transportation, then buying used scooters in Bangalore is certainly a go-to. However, it is imperative to countervail some factors before seeking the dealers.

This article covers a checklist on how to check the condition of used scooters in Bangalore.

Things to consider before a second-hand purchase

1.    Appearance and body

While looking for used scooters in Bangalore, the foremost thing you must always spot is the look of the model. Going pocket-friendly, choose a quality product that is worth paying the price. Meticulously check the parts, the front, and rearview. Do ensure to ask for a roadworthy certificate that ascertains a vehicle to be safe and functional into public roads, traffic, or streets.

It is also suggested to backstop over the fuel tank to avoid any damage, signs of leakage, greasy stain or blobs, and rust. Moreover, you must not forget to run through a test drive to analyze the brakes, clutch, indicators, coolant, kill switch, throttle, rearview mirror, tyre tubes, tread, etc.

After a thorough inspection of the minuscule details, also check whether the chain is properly lubed, the cobs are sharp enough and the wiring is perfect.

2.    Evaluate the engine and associated functions

When it comes to checking the stance of the engine and other functions, you must stay patient and inspect them with vigilance. Start with evaluating the brakes and clutch, if it squeaks or offers a tight grip, it might need some repair. Then head over to the center and side stand of the scooter to check the steering control. You can also look over the handlebars, brake pedal, pillion pegs, and gears.

Next in line comes to the indicators, as mentioned in the earlier pointer, in alignment to that go through the lights. Once you get a green signal after conducting the checks and balances, test the navigation.

3.    Immaculate functioning of the motor

Before going ahead with a trial run, make sure the motor is working to its fullest capacity. Turn on the ignition to inspect the engine. Does it start after much effort or a rattling round is prevalent? Is the exhaust working fine or producing a screeching sound? Faulty pipelines and lastly while starting the engine with the clutch on, does the wheel at the backend spin smoothly? These are a few checks which you must take cognizance of while assessing the working of the engine in second-hand scooters.

4.    Ask for insurance papers and manual

After evaluating the safety, you can go for a test run to experience the performance of the scooter on the road. While riding ensures to check the brakes and other functions again to reassure. Once you are satisfied with the overall coverage and mileage conferred by the scooter, do ask for the insurance papers and manual from the seller.

The manual will facilitate a step-by-step guide about the functions installed in the vehicle. While in case of unprecedented damage or accident, you can seek the insurance policy for further assistance. In this way, you won’t end up in loss rather be in a profitable stance.

5.    Compare the rates and choose a trusted dealer

While looking for used scooters in Bangalore, ensure to select a deal from the trusted group of sellers which is recommended and endorsed by many. Not doing so might land you in frauds, discrepancies, or instability in the allocation of funds.


In a pursuit to buy used scooters in Bangalore, you must always keep in mind the pointers covered comprehensively in this article. Buying a used and pre-owned bike is always a better option when you have set a budget slab but want to experience the world-class automobile models.

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