How to handle trucks safely

When it comes to handling large vehicles, especially truck driver must take into account the following: space, time and speed planning. Then here we give you some tips to handle them safely.


Trip Planner advance

To make better (and safer) decisions along the way, you must know the terrain and travel (such as weather and traffic). From the point of view of safety, it is best if you can avoid situations where the chances of an accident are higher or where you have to wait a long time in traffic along with other impatient drivers. Also note:

-mountainous terrain


-Traffic congestion

-Stop signs and traffic lights


If the truck is carrying hazardous materials, it must take greater precautions and even special routes. Also, a professional truck driver burden should be aware of the weight limits on bridges. It is also recommended inspections before and after the trip and repairing what is damaged before hitting the road.

Keep the space between the truck and other vehicles or objects

FUSO trucks to handle safely and as a true professional, you should always monitor the space around the truck. That way, you can ensure that you are not very close to objects or other vehicles. A professional truck driver must be aware of the following:

-The height above the truck (tunnels, bridges).

-The surface under the truck (uneven or elevated highways, speed bump, bump).

-Space in front of and behind the truck (distance, turning space, space to move backward).

Speed control

When heavy trucks are handled, speed is very important. Professional truck drivers always handle a speed that can stop safely to avoid a collision. Therefore, you should always remember that it takes much longer accelerating and braking truck 20 tons than a regular car.

On the other hand, if you are in a construction zone, you should always slow down and avoid prevent the passage of vehicles behind you. For a relaxed driving experience you can replace old wheels with new wheels like suburban wheels.

Drive a distance from other vehicles

Heavy trucks driving too close to other vehicles can increase the chances of an accident occurring. Therefore, it is recommended to keep a certain distance from the vehicle in front has, regardless of the size or weight of the vehicle.

Be careful with curves and turns

One of the characteristics of professional truck drivers’ burden is always slow down when turning. If it is not done properly, the truck could turn around. Such accidents can be caused by turning too fast, strong winds and overcompensate to return to the road when the tires went off the road.

Calculate the stopping distance

Heavy vehicles do not stop immediately, especially if they are carrying loads. As heavy trucks take longer to stop than a private car, truck drivers must use a much greater distance depending on the circumstances in which it is handled:


-In secondary routes.

-In mountainous areas.

-In serpeteantes roads.

-When you have rain as rain or snow.

The latter case is very important as the trucks, losing traction, do not respond correctly to acceleration, braking and handling. When this happens, the key is to drive slowly and know when to stop.

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