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How to have Effective Auto Transmission Repairs

A car similar to any other machine would be prone to mechanical problems and failures. Transmission problems have been the major issues encountered. Therefore, automobile transmission repair has become absolute necessity. It would not be wrong to suggest that once such problem comes to existence, you should attend to it at the earliest, lest you would face higher problems. The automotive transmission repair system of the car has been extremely complex, as there has always been a chance of higher troubles and glitches. Therefore, it would always be recommended to take the assistance of a recognized professional while having auto transmission repair of your car. However, some basic tips could assist you in resolving the initial issues.


Transmission Slipping

Transmission Slipping has been most commonly faced car transmission problems. It has been noticed that often the trouble arises because of irregular enhancement in sudden downshifting, engine RPM and delayed acceleration of vehicle. Therefore, you might experience abnormal jolting movements in the car while changing the gears. However, the best alternative for such problems would be to check the transmission fluid levels regularly. You should also replace or repair the broken vacuum lines of your car engine.


Transmission Fluid Leak

A majority of the trouble with the gearbox has been caused by problems related to fluid. Transmission fluid leak has been caused because of various reasons such as loosening of filler tube, broken seal, poor installation and defective pan gasket that could result in causing damage to the car. As the transmission system has been exposed to relatively high temperatures, it might experience plenty of deterioration. A concluding break down might cause the fluid to leak. However, the change in transmission fluid with sealant used at several broken parts would keep the system trouble-free. This would allow the car machinery to work effectively and efficiently without any damage.

Overheating of car engine

Overheating of car engine has been yet another main problem that could be avoided to encounter the transmission problems in your vehicle. Carrying heavy weight or constant stopping & moving in heavy traffic would trigger the engine’s temperature. It would cause blocking of fluid cooler lines. In addition, it might bend the metal parts along with hardening of the transmission system rubber seals, which would create leakage of fluids. Therefore, suitable measures are required to be taken for prevailing over the overheating of car engines.


The Advanced Transmission Center has been known to provide complete vehicle transmission kits at highly reasonable rates for resolving and diagnosing the common transmission problems. As the auto transmission repair cost has been expensive, you should try kits for sorting out the issues.

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