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OEM Vehicle Parts vs Aftermarket Parts: Which One is the Best for You

OEM and aftermarket parts are options to repair your snowmobile following an accident. You need to make a choice on the type of parts used for repairing your vehicle. These are great options; however, which is the best? Does it matter which of them you will use for your vehicle? Know a bit more about vehicle parts before you get your vehicle fixed.

The Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

OEM parts like stators are made directly by the vehicle’s manufacturer, instead of a third party. They fit perfectly to your vehicle although tend to cost more.

Meanwhile aftermarket parts are manufactured by a company apart from your vehicle’s manufacturer. They can be produced in high volume for various kinds of vehicles. They are similar to OEM in kind, quality and like but they are more affordable and made by a third party.


The Best Kind of Parts

You can easily guess that OEM parts are better as they come straight from the manufacturer of your vehicle. However, are they really the best parts for you? It all depends on your personal preference. Often, the people who are concerned about getting OEM parts include body shop repairmen, vehicle enthusiasts or brand new vehicle owners. The lower cost of aftermarket parts makes them a great option.

Does it Matter What Type of Parts you Will Use for Repairing your Vehicle?

It matters to some people. OEM parts keep your vehicle in almost in its original state. However, when your vehicle is six years old, why would you need OEM parts if aftermarket parts can actually get the job done at a cheaper price. Your vehicle’s parts aren’t currently new. However, it is actually up to you whether the type of parts used for repairing your vehicle will matter.


Will your Chosen Parts Impact your Vehicle’s Future Resale Value

A vehicle like a snowmobile damaged in an accident is likely to be valued lower than a vehicle never damaged, particularly when there was some structural damage. But, the parts utilized for making the repair my not have much of a bearing on the resale value of the vehicle. Going with OEM parts versus aftermarket parts will just for your own peace of mind and benefit. Just weigh the cost against the possible difference so that you can decide on the best parts for your vehicle and your own pocket. Are you looking to buy Ski-Doo stator for your snowbile? Go to and check options.

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