Popular Volvo Trucks In The Market

Suppose you might want to engage in truck dealerships and you wish to have your own fleet. Well, one of the most popular names when it comes to top quality trucks is Volvo. Today, there are a number of Volvo trucks that are very popular among trucking businessmen.

  • VN730 – One of the best trucks that Volvo has to offer is VN730. It is popular because it can be classified as a luxurious truck. It has a modern air cooling system and that is why truckers find it a lot more comfortable to drive. Even if a trucker has to drive thousands of miles through the desert and under the hot sun, he will still find the experience much enjoyable.
  • VN670 – Another truck that features comfort is the VN670. The VN670 is very popular among truckers who have to go from coast to coast. It has a 61-inch sleeper cab that the trucker can use to get a night’s sleep or even an afternoon nap. With a sleeper, truckers do not have to spend their nights at inns or motels. Noteworthy is the fact that VN670 features wind-resistant design.
  • VN630 – Comfort and maneuverability – these are the two top features that the VN630 has. Like the VN60, it is a comfortable truck and it even has two bunks that can be used by the driver and his mate. This means no sharing of beds. The VN630 also boasts of its maneuverability. One would find it very easy to drive this very big truck even through the sharpest and tightest spaces.
  • VN430 – Also another good truck from Volvo is the VN430. Like other Volvo trucks, this feature and excellent interior that truckers would definitely love. But one of the things that make it stand out is that it features shock-absorbing technology. That is why it is very popular among truckers who have to go through the roughest terrains. In fact, air bags are even installed on its exteriors.

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