Selling Your Porsche: How to Make the Process Go Smoothly

Selling your car can be a fraught experience at the best of times, but if you have a specialist sports car like a Porsche it can be even more difficult. Advertise it privately and you’ll attract even more tyre-kickers and people who just want to take a test drive than usual. And that’s without worrying about the scammers and internet sharks.

Understanding the car

When you’re selling an expensive car it’s important to know exactly what you’ve got. Models and specifications vary on any car but with a Porsche details are crucial and can make a big difference to the value of the vehicle.

It’s therefore important to understand the exact model of vehicle your selling and details of any extras or modifications. Service history is key to this type of car too. A fully-stamped service book gives buyers more confidence, even better is a file of bills to show that the car has been properly maintained. Buyers will be more willing to pay a premium price if they know the car has been well looked after.

Selling via a specialist

Rather than try to sell the car privately you might consider approaching a dealer. Not just any dealer though, because they know the cars well selling via a specialist Porsche buyer will get you a better price and in many cases they’ll be happy to travel to you to view and collect the car.

There’s always demand for cars like Porsches so dealers are constantly looking for good cars to replenish their stocks.

Selling to enthusiasts

Another alternative is to check out the owners clubs for vehicle. Advertising via a club magazine will get your car in front of an audience of enthusiasts who will be knowledgeable about the marque and know what the car is worth.

Take your time to consider the various alternatives and selling your Porsche should be a painless process.

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