The latest in the line of luxury

Mercedes Benz is one of the standards in the world of automobiles. Offering a wide variety of choice when it comes to your love of vehicles and what they can do. Providing a you with sleek roadsters that you can cruise around in style or a large SUV that can get you to the hard to reach places of beauty found only in nature, while both keeping you arms reach from modern day amenities. So it should come to no surprise that, like every year, a new set of models are available to push the conventual boundaries of luxury cars. Mercedes-Benz latest models are here now to own or lease for any need. Let me highlight some of the latest models and their features.

Starting out with the 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C300 Cabriolet, a spacious 4 seater that can be seen above. With fuel economy that can reach twenty-five miles per gallon and a fuel tank that holds seventeen gallons. Horse power equating to two-hundred and forty-one. Allowing you a travel fast and far on every fill up. Also housing all modern electronics such as Bluetooth, DVD and internal memory of ten gigs. The cabriolet is perfect to drive around town with friends or to handle the day to day operations of life.

Next is the 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 SUV, a beautiful powerhouse of a SUV. Providing ample leg room for up to five total riders. It large head room gives a spacious feel. Displaying all the same amenities that the previous car has. The true ability of this SUV is on and off the road. Having the ability to travers off road conditions. Equipped to handle 20-degree approach angles and 31-degree departure angles. If you like the great outdoors as well as all modern capabilities, this model is for you.

Winding things down, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C300 Sedan is where your needs may lay. Offering you the comfortability for everyday use. Nether meant for off-roading or driving flashy downtown, this model is for the more reserve individuals that care about quality and luxury in the everyday life. Housing all mention entertainment capabilities, it is on the lighter side of pricing than the previous models. Giving what you need and want at the base level of the high standards of Mercedes. But, don’t think that is a slight against this car. The Sedan is the back bone of the Mercedes family for good reason. It is reliable and all around great vehicle.

Now there are more models then just these mentioned, but I wouldn’t have enough time to highlight every feature, for every model. But no matter what your preference is, Mercedes has a car for you. Whether for work or pleasure, luxury can be enjoyed anytime. Now if you have lingering questions about what they offer. You can find all you need to know from their websites or visit one of their many deal ships located all around the world.

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