Top Tips For Getting The Right Auto Extended Warranty Plan

When buying an automobile, you are very likely to look into aspects such as:

  • The reliability of the machine
  • The resale value
  • Ease of maintenance and
  • Different ways and means by which you can protect your investment.

There is absolutely no denying the fact that with regular service schedules, and using the right kind of fuel and lubricants, you can indeed enhance the life of your automobile. But if you want extra protection for your car and its components, then it makes a lot of sense to go in for an auto extended warranty plan. Here are a few things that you can keep in mind while searching for the same.

Auto Warranty Plan

Find out about your brand and make of car

Certain makes and models of automobiles benefit to a larger extent with an auto extended warranty. So, it does make a lot of sense for you to look at the repair history of your car before going in for a plan. Of course, each brand or model of vehicle will also have different financial implications as far as an auto extended warranty goes. Therefore, do make the time to talk to the customer representative of a warranty provider before settling for the right plan for yourself.

Shop and then shop some more

Think of the time that you took to buy your automobile in the first place. You must have researched into various aspects of various manufacturers including the dealers while giving you the best possible deal or price for your chosen vehicle.

This kind of research and effort must go in to the shopping for an extended warranty plan as well. Therefore:

  • Ask for multiple price quotes from multiple providers
  • Check with friends and neighbors and ask for references and referrals
  • Look for information online or even through sources such as automobile clubs and insurance companies and
  • Speak to their customer representatives from multiple warranty companies.

auto extended warranty

Dwell on the length of ownership

Experts often suggest that you should put a little bit of thought and deliberation on your plans of owning the vehicle. Every vehicle comes with an original or manufacturer’s warranty for a particular number of miles or a timeframe. If you intend to sell your vehicle within this particular time frame, then you may not benefit too much with an extended warranty.

However, if your plans of ownership and budget entail a longer period of ownership, then it makes complete sense for you to go in for an extended warranty for your automobile.

length of ownership


It is also good to keep in mind that every auto warranty provider has a huge degree of flexibility to craft the perfect plan for you are specific requirements. Thus, you can always find out which plan works for you with regard to the components that you want covered and even the mileage that your car has seen. Comprehensive coverage or even specific component coverage have their own pros and cons and you should be able to choose a plan that makes financial sense for you.

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