Armored Vehicle Vs Regular Vehicle: How To Spot One?

Given the recent technological developments, it is easier for civilian armored vehicles to strut around the roads without many people even realizing the same. Smart tricks help the owner to avoid publicizing their vehicle as a special military-grade personal safety vehicle. However, there are certain things that set an armored vehicle apart from your regular one. The main differences between them are as follows:

1) The heavy-duty steel frame speaks all you need to know

Yes, it is almost like bird spotting, but this one would be a special one made fully of steel. Ballistic-grade steel is added to the body frame of the vehicle. The framework is that of tempered steel that can easily fit into one another like pieces of jigsaw puzzle thereby allowing cars to maintain their original shape.

2) The special ballistic glass

The glass used in the armored vehicle is essentially a mixture of lead glass and a polycarbonate substrate and is usually 1 to 3 inches thick. The components of the glass allow windows, windshields, and rear windows to sustain the force and absorb all the energy exerted on it.

3) The advanced rebuilt mechanics

Due to the added weight to the vehicle given the metal work and all, there will be modified brakes, suspension, and different engine components helping one to haul the armor. Considering all the changes that will be done to the vehicle, it is definitive that one will feel the difference while driving a vehicle of this kind. As a spectator too, you can observe the difference in the way these vehicles move.

4) Bumpers and tyres

The bumpers used in these vehicles are robust. The main purpose of these vehicles is to drive the passengers to safety, meaning which; the vehicle must be strong enough to sustain repeated blows to the body. The tyres too are such that they can function well even if they have been punctured. There won’t be much effect of repeated impact and/or attack on the vehicle.

The future of armored vehicles is definitely promising as the later variants will definitely be more elusive and difficult to distinguish meanwhile containing better security options than the current ones. Troy Armoring vehicle armor can definitely help you build for yourself a car that meets all your safety requirements and at the same time give it the futuristic look too.

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