Taking your headlights to next level with Holden VE Series 1

Headlights are pivotal components of every vehicle, irrespective of their type. Not only do they ensure perfect visibility at the night, but also safeguard the vehicle and its driver against any unforeseen circumstances. For example, the same becomes very important during the fast racing events like F1 that sometimes also go in the night and involve steep turns.

With time, the concept of headlights has been revolutionized to a great extent owing to the waves of innovation and customer demands. Thus, you can find various new variants coming in the market. The upcoming content discusses in detail Holden Ve series 1 headlights and its growing popularity within the market.

A brief introduction

The new series, also called Spectrum Angel Eye Headlights, is one of its kind in the world. Made purely out of customizations, these are intended to give the perfect user experience and redefine the concept of bright lights. And the brownie points come in terms of technology associated with these. You can seamlessly change the colors of the light within a 20m range via wireless remote control and mobile Bluetooth services. Gone are the days of manual adjustments of the headlights just to ensure good visibility.

The stark features

The following are the stark features of Holden Ve series 1 headlightsthat have earned it this huge name in the market today:

  • 16 million color combinations that enhance the options for configuration when it comes to flashing, fading, music effects, and many more that are looked upon by the users.
  • Perfect light diffusion cover that ensures cool display or 360 degrees of view of the solid ring and serves the very purpose of alerting other vehicles on the road.
  • Selected colors that follow the traffic rules and regional safety norms and take up the definition of optics to the next levels.
  • Plug and play fitments of the headlights that do not require any special drilling in the car just to fit the accessories.
  • Advanced technology that meets future demands and have been fabricated with subsequent market research.
  • Low power consumption due to the internal chip design.
  • Free of moisture, corrosion, and other environmental impacts that can degrade the performance.
  • 12 months of warranty period that is found to be sufficient when compared to an average user’s requirements.

All these points sum up towards one thing- you cannot resist going for these headlights on your vehicle.

The ordering experiences

The ordering experiences for Holden Ve series 1 headlightshave been made pretty convenient due to the internet. It is currently available on the official website and other e-commerce ones. Just order it like the other items on the web. In the kit you can expect to receive the following items:

  • Pair of SSV projector headlights with necessary fitments
  • Bluetooth control box
  • Wireless remote-control module
  • Wiring loom for plug and play
  • SOP, labels, and warranty card

Have a look at the terms and conditions before buying and ensure that you buy the perfect pieces from the market. On an ending note, redefine the looks of your vehicle with this new and classy product.

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