The Importance of Tire Alignment

You might think that tire alignment is an alignment with your tires. Nope, that is not the case but instead, tire alignment pertains to the alignment of the car’s suspensions. A car’s suspension is that system that connects your car to its wheels. For a proper alignment, the angles of the tires that will affect their contact to the road must be properly adjusted. This is also called wheel alignment. This will generate top-notch performance from your tires and this will aid so that they will last longer or beyond expectation. This will also prevent pulling or vibration when used.

You should have a capable auto repair shop deal with wheel alignment if you have no idea how as this is not an easy task. Auto repair shops such as auto repair in Lincoln Park Michigan are highly trained to deal with tasks like this.

How will you know if your vehicle already needs wheel alignment? You can check for this in a number of ways. If you notice any of the ones listed below, you should have your car aligned right away as this can cause serious accidents:

  • Uneven wear in your wheels
  • Vehicle pulling on its own either to the left or to the right
  • Even if you are driving straight, still your steering wheel is off center
  • Vibration on the steering wheel

What do you think a mechanic will check when doing wheel alignment? Here are the three things he will be concerned about:

Camber–When looked from the front part of the vehicle, this is the inward or outward angle of your tire. When its tilt is too much inward or outward, it means that this needs to be aligned or adjusted.+


Toe – this refers to the time the tires turn inward or outward when viewed from the top part of the vehicle. The tires of your car must be angled the same way to be considered as toe-aligned as if not, that’s when they need to be adjusted.

Caster–this angle aids in balancing the steering, stability as well as the cornering. When viewed from the side of your car, this is angle of the steering axis. This should tilt towards the driver as if not, then it must be adjusted.

Yes, the wheel alignment is indeed quite important thus be sure to have it checked once you notice that something is wrong.


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