All You Must Know About Charging Your E-Mercedes

There are plenty of ways in which you can charge your Mercedes. You can make use the charging stations made particularly for Mercedes, or you may even use the solar energy and charge your car naturally in an environment friendly way.

Here are certain things that you must know about charging your Mercedes:

Time took

It takes only about 25 hours for your Mercedes Benz to be charged to full. It must be supplied with an 11kw power for it to charge within this time limit. Charging time for different models is different and may vary. You can get all the information regarding your car model from the Mercedes dealership, from where you buy the car.

Plug type

The car is charged with the help of a type 2 plug. Here, you must notice and make sure that the station which you chose for charging has an integrated cable, or it has a compatible cable which would go with mode 3 charging.

Benefits of solar charging

Using the natural sunlight for charging your Mercedes Benz could be a great way to save the environment.  It would optimize the power consumption of the car and enhance its performance. Taking help from the sun would make your car 100% emission-free and thereby, not harming the environment. Using the solar energy would also save you a lot of money as it would allow you to buy less energy from the electricity grid.

Charging from public stations

There are many public charging stations that can assist you in charging your car. But, in most of these stations, you must register beforehand and thereby, charge your car whenever necessary. These charging stations could be of great help in charging your car.

Charging at CEE industrial socket

If you have a mobile charging station nearby, and you have the adapters that are needed for charging the car, you can avail the facility of charging your car at any place, at any time. It is just like using a charging point at home.

Factors which influence charging

There are three factors which affect or influence the charging of your Mercedes Benz. These are:

  • The onboard charger being used by you
  • The legal requirements
  • The power of your installation.

All these factors determine the speed at which your car would be charged.


The charging of your E-car might be influenced by many factors. Keep in mind all these points and the stations from where you can have them charged. These would help in successfully and easily charging your car.

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