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The Evolution of Headlights

Though headlights are an essential part in the entire automotive industry, very few people practically knowabout how they evolved in 1880s from simple acetylene lamps to the complex LED lights nowadays. Moreover, researchers are endlessly working on the whole idea of headlamps, trying to discover some breakthroughs that would give their products a new dimension. Although a whole lot of new cars are sold with LED (light-emitting diode) headlamps, HID (high-intensity discharge) bulbs are becoming more popular and for your knowledge most of the cars on the roads of Britain still use traditional halogen bulbs.

The history

The adventurous development of headlights has been going on for over a century. At different stages of evolution there were candlelight, kerosene, acetylene or carbide lamp and paraboloid system which you will currently find in xenon HID (high-intensity discharge) burners and LED lights. Initially, the automobilesdid not have any electric lighting system and they used candlelight to overcome the darkness. Over 100 years ago,before car headlights were invented horse-drawn carriages used carbide mica was with candlelight or petroleum candles. In the olden days the drivers had to face a lot of safety issues. Initially, they started learning the way by heart, then gradually they started using the candlelight or petroleum candles for few meters as after that there was a risk of fire at the slightest jerking unlike these modern HID burners. First electric headlights were introduced for cars with the help of generators in the year 1913 by a German company named Bosch. Swabia,was the first electric headlight that became popular worldwide.

Get to know more about halogen and HID lamps

A HID arc lamp is basically a gas discharge lamp. This electric lamp produces light by passing electric current via ionized gas at a high pressure. This produces a bright white colored light that is similar to that of natural sunlight. These lamps are normally used in theatres for projecting movies, in searchlights and some other industries for research or product testing. But when we talk about a halogen bulb it produces 40m long beam of light and is 100% safe when it comes to road safety. These halogen bulbs have a special coating along with a silver colored stylish bezel that provides a unique look to the headlights of the motorcycle. The halogen headlamps serve as an ideal lighting solution when it comes to durability. It is perfect for drivers who spends most of the time on the roads even during the day time with dipped headlights. So, these halogen lamps are long-lasting with exceptional durability.

Time to repair or change your car’s headlight

Whether it is a HID burner or a H7 bulb, constant monitoring of your car’s headlight is a must to ensure safety. A car when in use, should have its headlights in perfect condition. Mentioned below are some of the factors that you should keep monitoring:

  • Disrupted transmission of light
  • No response of the light even after switching it on
  • Lights automatically turns on
  • Mist gets accumulated on the headlight
  • Part housing of the light is evidently damaged

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