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The Importance of Spark Plug Maintenance

Spark plugs perform crucial task in an engine. The electrical spark produced by it ignites the mix of air and fuel in the engine’s combustion chamber. This helps the pistons to shift up and down. The piston movement will make the wheels of the vehicle to move. Hence, spark plug is the most critical part in the whole process.

Spark Plug Maintenance

However, like the other components in the engine, spark plugs will also not last forever. The spark produced every time removes a part of the metal present on the plugs, which increases the voltage required for igniting again. Even though the vehicles these days are equipped with spark plugs having extended-life, it is necessary to get them inspected every thirty thousand miles.

During this inspection, it is also vital to check for other components that need replacement like brakes, cabin air filter, fuel filter, tires, air filter and the charging system. When such inspections are performed regularly, it will help in keeping the vehicle maintained properly.

fuel filter Maintenance

By performing such repairs and services regularly, you can maintain the emission and exhaust system, the safety and reliability and the value of your vehicle.

Many things are responsible for the wearing of the spark plugs –

  • As the spark plug is subjected to various forces like gasoline, heat and oil in the engine, its effectiveness reduces.
  • Besides, high performance engines as well as those engines that perform huge RPMs tend to wear out the spark plug quickly.

spark plugs wearing

Due to these reasons, it is vital to replace it regularly. These days, spark plugs available are of high quality and hence they last for thousands of miles. However, it is vital to replace it every few years.

How long the Spark Plugs Last?

  • Standard copper ones last for 10,000 – 20,000 miles
  • The expensive platinum or iridium product will last for 60,000 miles or more
  • High-end Iridium spark plugs can even go on up to 120,000 miles.

Iridium spark plugs

If you have not kept track about the mileage then you will notice symptoms such as trouble in starting the engine, being rough at idle or there is a dip in the fuel economy. These things tell that it is time to replace the spark plug.

The mechanic at Mark Douglas Motorworks will be able to tell if the plugs are worn out by just looking at them. They professionally install the spark plug by using appropriate torque wrench and considering the right torque values. Also, it is important to replace with the same kind of spark plug that your vehicle was equipped with originally. For example, if the vehicle had double platinum or platinum spark plug, then it is suggested to replace with the similar type because the vehicle is engineered only for this particular type.

spark plug kind

If the vehicle has spark plug wires, it is necessary to get them checked when you are replacing the spark plug. A high-quality spark plug wires usually last for about 60,000 – 70,000 miles.

Preventative maintenance is quite essential when it comes to vehicle maintenance, as it ensures optimal performance.

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